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  • Full demolition.
  • Temporary works.


Client: Go Develop Ltd
Location: Gordan Street, Luton


    Active Environmental was appointed as Principle Contractor by Go Develop Limited for the full demolition of a former nightclub and cinema at Gordon Street, Luton in order to progress with redevelopment of the site to create a 4-6 storey building comprising of 29 one bedroom and 30 two bedroom flats, with 2 commercial units on the ground floor with associated external works.

    Located at 22-42 Gordon Street, Luton, LU1 2QP, the site is approximately 0.15 ha in size and central to the town just within the northern part of the Luton Town Centre Conservation Area. The building was bounded to the east by Gordon Street and Lancret’s Path to the west. Commercial properties fronting onto Gordon Street bound the northern and southern limits of the building. The site was occupied by the building that was originally the Union Cinema. The cinema was opened on the 11th October 1937. More recently the building was used as a night club and then left standing derelict.

    The Gordon Street façade was to be retained for most of the length of the building, with new window openings formed on a regular grid. The façade was retained by a temporary works design while the building behind was demolished and the new structure to be erected. Steel frame towers were erected over the footpath in Gordon Street, with horizontal waler beams between mid-storey heights, connected to the façade by ties through the window openings. Large counterweights were placed along the kerb line to ensure overall stability of the arrangement.

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