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  • Task: Demolition of bank vault in live office building basement
  • Vault Structure: Walls 450mm thick, roof 600mm thick, reinforced concrete
  • Brokk 500 with muncher and breaker attachments used for systematic demolition
  • Brokk 170 used for removing adjoining walls
  • Waste lifted from basement using 3t excavator, fed by skidsteer s70
  • Waste loaded into skips along Fenchurch Street with strict traffic management plan


Location: Central London


    Working within the basement of a live office building Actives task was to demolish a bank vault with 450mm thick walls and a 600mm thick roof of high-density reinforced concrete and remove the waste via the ground floor.

    Access to the basement was established by breaking out the ground floor slab and reinstating after works were completed. The opening provided a lifting zone to lower and raise the Brokk 500 and Brokk 170 via a lifting gantry.

    Designed propping was installed to allow the plant to track along the ground floor.

    The Brokk 500 with muncher and breaker attachments progressively demolished the former bank vault in a methodical designed sequence while the Brokk 170 removed several adjoining walls.

    Waste materials were lifted from the basement with the use of a 3t excavator operating above the lifting zone, fed by a skidsteer s70 in the basement.

    Waste was loaded into waiting skips along Fenchurch Street assisted by a strict traffic management plan, the skidsteer s70 and traffic marshals.

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