Plant Hire

Mechanical Demolition and Constructional Plant

Active offer a full range of small and large plant hire with an impressive range of high specification machinery and vehicles for all your construction site requirements from rollers to dumpers and excavators to remote demolition machinery.

Active provide qualified operators along with all hired plant. All operators have CITB CPCS certification to operate machinery safely.

Plant HirePlant HirePlant Hire


Specialist BROKK hire including a driver 

We have a range of BROKK’s to offer including the BROKK 500 which has the same power as a 20 tonne excavator at a quarter of the weight and a quarter of the size. As well as all of this it has the ability to munch concrete slabs at up to 600mm with next to no noise or vibration at all.

Also, we have the BROKK 100 including driver

In spite of its reach and power, it folds into a surprisingly compact package, and can be brought to the site in a small lorry or on an ordinary trailer, go into an elevator or climb stairs. Just plug it in and be ready to work in an instant.

We also offer a range of models between the 500 & 100 with delivery and attachments.

Civil Engineering

Plant HireActive is completing technically-demanding projects requiring vast engineering input from initial site investigations to temporary works provisions. As well as providing engineering solutions for Active our supporting Civil and Structural Engineer (Rob W Clarke BEng, CEng, MICE, MIDE, MIStructE) can provide a comprehensive range of safe, practical, innovative engineering solutions and professional service you require within budget and on time.

Services include:

  • Appraisals of Existing Buildings
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Investigation Works
  • Structural Inspections, Surveys and Reports
  • Structural Repairs
  • Structural Loadings
  • Structural Designs (Steel, Concrete, Timber and Masonry)
  • Temporary Works Design
  • Design of Façade Retentions
  • Design of Cofferdams
  • Design of Temporary Shoring and Underpinning
  • Design of alternative protection systems
  • Demolition advice and consultation
  • Act as an Expert Witness regarding structural failures.
  • 2D and 3D Modelling
  • Value Engineering
  • Survey and assess reported dangerous structures and provide technical judgement as required by the Building act 1984 and provide advice on emergency measures.

Active works closely with our clients in both private and public sectors covering commercial, industrial and residential contracts throughout the UK and positively encourages our clients in undertaking pre‑construction/demolition contractor engagement to integrate value management techniques assessing all viable solutions to reduce long-term costs.

Temporary Works

With an increasing desire to retain the heritage of buildings, in particular, inner city areas, temporary works has become an important part of any construction/demolition project.

Active provide a responsive and cost effective service., working closely with engineers and architects, Active seek to realise the needs of our clients and determine the most appropriate brief to ensure the desired outcome.
Active has extensive experience in every type of temporary works design, including:

  • Façade retention
  • Tower crane foundations
  • Formwork and falsework design
  • Stabilising existing buildings during reconstruction
  • Excavation support and slope stability
  • Non-standard ‘designed’ scaffolds (including temporary roofs)
  • Site hoardings and signboards
  • Needling and propping
  • Jacking, sliding & lifting schemes.