Asbestos Removal & Remediation

services-asbestos-removal-2Active is a well established HSE licensed asbestos removal contractor with unrivalled experience and expertise in the asbestos removal and abatement industry.

The team at Active has vast experience in delivering contracts of every size and scope for a broad spectrum of clients including offices, hospitals, universities, schools, theatres, industrial, commercial and domestic properties. Active are able to provide an integrated, efficient and professional approach to all projects with our highly skilled and experienced teams implementing the latest equipment and techniques to provide a standard and service second to none.

All asbestos removal projects are undertaken in strict accordance with current UK legislation and Asbestos Regulations, HSE approved codes of practice and guidance notes. Active operate a rigorous internal and external auditing of our asbestos removal operations to ensure we maintain our reputation as leading environmental specialists. Active Environmental are also full members of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA).

Active has the ability and expertise to remove and dispose of licensed, notifiable non‐licensed and non‐licensed asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

Land Remediation

Active provides land remediation services – removing asbestos contamination from the surface or below the ground.

brown-field-hThe demolition of historic buildings along with inadequate waste management practices have both led to many brownfield sites across the UK being contaminated with asbestos. Typical asbestos‐containing materials (ACMs) found within such sites include asbestos cement products, asbestos insulation debris, asbestos rope and asbestos insulation board.

We work with clients to identify the most suitable land remediation measures for their site, which may consist of capping, excavation, soil washing or mechanical screening of contaminated soil. Where possible we will segregate ACMs from the affected soil to reduce the volume of waste being disposed of at landfill.

During the land remediation process rigorous control measures are implemented to ensure works are completed to the highest standards, including routine background air tests and personal monitoring by independent UKAS accredited analysts.

Waste Collection & Disposal


Active Environmental offers an asbestos waste collection and disposal service. We are able to offer the safe collection and disposal of small consignments of asbestos waste materials for domestic customers including the disposal of garage roofing sheets, guttering, flue pipes etc. as well as providing waste disposal for larger quantities of waste materials using our sealed asbestos waste skip containers.

As a licensed hazardous waste carrier by the environment agency we can undertake waste collection from residential and non-residential sites – providing our customers with the confidence that their asbestos waste will be disposed of safely in accordance with relevant legislation.


Active is a divisional company within the group offering environmental cleaning, removal and disposal of waste which represent a biological hazard.

The following cleaning and removal services are provided throughout the UK:

  • Pigeon faeces (guano)
  • Blood and other dangerous pathogens
  • Needles and sharps
  • Oil and chemical spills
  • Void and probate house clearance
  • Trauma scene cleaning
  • Fungus and mould
  • Clinical waste

Asbestos Surveys, Consultation & Management

services-asbestos-samplingActive are able to carry out detailed surveys to investigate whether there are any asbestos containing materials within a property/structure and to assess the level of risk if asbestos is found or suspected to be present.

Asbestos surveying is a crucial process, as any home or commercial property built or refurbished in the UK up until the year 2000 could potentially contain asbestos. An asbestos survey is essential not only for the ongoing management of a property/structure but also prior to any refurbishment or demolition works.

We offer a full range of asbestos surveys and we provide a consultancy service which will assist with the development of your asbestos policy, procedures and management plan, helping you become compliant.

Asbestos Sampling & Analysis

Active offers an asbestos and lead paint sampling and analysis service. Our highly trained surveyors will visit your premises and undertake the sampling of materials should you have any concerns regarding potential asbestos containing material or lead in paint.

All samples are independently analysed at a UKAS accredited laboratory, inclusive of the provision of a detailed bulk sample certificate upon the completion of analysis. We are able to offer a fast and efficient service for all your sample analysis requirements including for commercial and domestic customers.

We are also able to arrange for independent UKAS accredited air testing/sampling within your premises, this includes background air sampling, reassurance air sampling and four stage clearance air testing following asbestos remedial works.