The Active team during the demolition of buildings
The Active team during the demolition of buildings
The Active team during the demolition of buildings

Active is highly experienced in the demolition of structures and plant working in the most challenging of environments. We undertake conventional, remote and top-down, cut-and-carve demolition.

Active is proud to offer a quality and reliable service with a professional and approachable delivery team committed to our high standards of health and safety, sustainability and performance with no reportable incidents or accidents in 13 years of trading. Active self-executes every aspect of early-stage development giving maximum control over both cost and programme.

Active has extensive experience in every type of demolition, including:

  • Part Demolition
  • Floor by Floor Demolition
  • Long Reach demolition
  • Remote Demolition
  • Decommissioning
  • Tank Cleaning, Degassing & disposal
  • Cutting & Drilling


services-dismantlingBy utilising a combination of various dismantling techniques, our skilled workforce can recover your assets from a single machine to portal frame buildings for re-use. Our highly-trained teams can co-ordinate and execute complex dismantling projects within critical time restraints. Planning, co-ordination and execution are all tailored to the individual client.

Soft Strip

services-soft-stripActive regularly undertakes projects involving soft strip demolition. Providing cutting edge solutions for recycling and sustainability the soft strip process is where the existing building is stripped of all soft furnishings, non-load-bearing partitions, mechanical and electrical equipment, floor coverings and soffits to the physical structure prior to the demolition/dismantling or refurbishment of the building.
Before any strip out services take place our specialist team will assess the property’s structural design ascertaining any unforeseen elements such as asbestos or structural difficulties.

All material is waste managed where various waste classifications defined by the Environmental Agency and, wherever possible, delivered to designated recycling centres.