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  • Asbestos Removal & Remediation
  • Asbestos Waste Collection and Disposal


Client: 143 Regent Street London
Location: London Shopping District


    Once appointed, Active’s project management team were able to not only swiftly plan and undertake the required asbestos remediation works, but were also able to arrange for the design and installation of fixed site hoarding on behalf of the client, including the clients chosen hoarding artwork around the front of the shop unit within Regent Street. The hoarding was utilised by the client for the duration of the follow-on refurbishment works.

    Due to the property location much of the works had to be undertaken outside of normal daytime working hours at night, Active worked closely with the local authorities in order to arrange site logistics including required bus stop closures which enabled deliveries, vehicle movements and waste disposal from the site to be completed.

    Active’s team worked relentlessly to effectively implement control measures and remove the fibrous asbestos materials from site in order to ensure the clients refurbishment programme could commence on time, with the asbestos removal work zones being independently inspected and certified by UKAS accredited analysts upon the completion of asbestos removal works.

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